Have you ever wondered how to move to Japan? In this photo documentary of mine you can see how I moved from Europe to live in Japan. Experience my intercontinental flight from Paris to Tokyo, how to navigate within the international Narita airport in Japan, where to buy a Pasmo card (or Suica) to get to Tokyo city with the Japanese subway system and get my useful tips on where to go next in the mega city of Tokyo. Come and see it for yourself! Welcome to Japan! Let’s go! : )

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Isn’t it great when the cold Winter season ends and a new fresh scent of Japanese blossoms take over! It’s Spring time is right now here in West Japan. I just came indoors from being outside in our house garden admiring the Ume blossoms that have been blooming for a week, since early February 2013. Spring season arrives earlier to us in Kyushu than to rest of Japan. People in Tokyo need to wait longer before they can enjoy the Spring season like we do right now on Kyushu. See how it looks like! : )

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We are having new Tsunami waves coming in to our shores all over Japan. Today is February 6th 2013 and there has been a massive 8.0 M earthquake out in the Pacific Ocean. Right now we have tsunami alert state along the coast lines of Japan. Here on Kyushu island the prefectures of Miyazaki and Kagoshima are the mainly affected ones since they have an open beach border directly towards the wide open Pacific Ocean. Have a look at this map with the yellow lines describing where the waves roll in.

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Please take the short break you deserve and enjoy the magic moment of discovering how beautiful the sunset in Japan is when the huge red glowing sun descends beyond the volcanic mountains of Kyushu island in Japan. The symbol of the sun is not only visible in the Japanese flag, but also in the Kanji symbol that describes a day of the month. The reflecting light of the sun on the water surface forms two circles (nowadays drawn as rectangles). I hope you enjoy my photo of the red Japanese sunset!

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Japanese New Year celebration and its secrets is something that people in the Western World don’t know so much about. The focus has been on New Year’s Eve and the night time festivities as in Europe and America, but what happens actually on the New Year’s Day? That is when the traditional Japanese celebration takes place. Yes, on the first day of the new year. Let me guide you through such a Japanese religious as well as cultural happening and show you a few things you may not be aware of!

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If you choose to study in Japan then how can you do to earn extra student income to finance your hobby or whatever you want to earn money for? Of course you could apply for a part time job in Japan. Let me show you how University students in Japan do to earn extra money! I made this virtual photo tour showing exactly that and how fun they have at the same time. No we are not talking about night workers. Instead something much more common. Let’s visit a Japanese festival in Kitakyushu in Fukuoka!

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Robo Fish is the newest aquarium fish trend here in Japan. What – swimming robots?! Yes! That is correct. Japanese pet fish owners have an alternative now to an ordinary tropic aquarium fish. The fully automatic Robo Fish swims around happily and even behaves as fishes do in group. They hunt for food, swim together and join in group activities. These swimming robots come in different colors and shapes. Best of all, you can buy them yourself here in Japan. First of all – come and take a look at the video!

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Japan is the land of the rising sun according to how people back in ancient China described the location of Japan. You find Japan by looking into the Pacific Ocean and follow the direction where the sun rises up from the Ocean. Have you ever seen the amazing sight of the huge mighty sun appear from the depth of the Ocean and quickly rise up above the horizon? I went out in the early morning to take sunrise photos here in Japan. In this virtual photo tour I guide you through the experience. Let’s go!

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Japan at night is an exciting phenomena no matter if you are located here on Kyushu Island including the subtropic island group of Okinawa or in case you happen to be in a big Japanese city such as Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto. Though one thing is for sure. If you spend your night here in West Japan, then you will be able to experience tropic nights. Let me bring you on a short evening walk in a small town in our Kyushu zone. Discover a different less known side of Japan. Go beyond the tourist zones. Try it out!

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Now you can personally meet the newly released next generation human like robot here in Japan! The previous human Android was a she. A female robot. This newest Japanese robot one is a he. Is the robot fun? You bet it is! It’s an entertainment robot with a mission to make you laugh. At least according to the Japanese tradition called Rakugo. The art of telling a story by changing your voice to impersonate other people. A perfect mission for a humanoid robot. Come and take a look! Cool robot!

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