Fish Robot – Japanese Robotic Fish For Home Aquarium Use

Are you too lazy to take care of a pet fish? Takara Tomy here in Japan has a solution for you. Meet the Robo Fish!

Lifelike Robotic Fish

Lifelike robotic fish here in Japan. Ready to be taken home to your aquarium. At least it doesn

Yes, you read correct. A robotic pet fish that swims around in your home aquarium. It’s the latest Japanese fish robot trend.

So, in case your own aquarium supplies are outdated, maybe this Japanese swimming robot may be something for you? No reason for your goldfish to swim around alone anymore. The end of lonely fish depression is here. Japanese Robo Fish comes to the rescue!

Robo Fish Is For Sale On Japanese Amazon – Only 900 Yen Per Fish Robot

Robo Fish - The New Robotic Fish In Japan

Robo Fish - The new robotic fish in Japan. Looks quite much like Nemo, doesn

There have been robotic fish swimming around in Japan for quite a while now, but this is one of the first released to the public.

Fish Robot

Fish Robot - Japanese fish robot feeding frenzy. Of course they don't eat in real. Just pretend to.

You can buy it for a cost of 900 yen per Robo Fish at Japanese version of which is like the American version, but stationed here in Japan. The future is robotic and so is the toy industry. Let’s see who builds a surveillance fish robot to detect intruders?

Japanese Robotic Shark Attack

Japanese robotic shark fish swimming around in an aquarium. Baby shark in cute format of course. This is Japan!

Among the fish types is a red tone terminator fish robot reminding of a baby shark. Choose between the good guys and the bad!

Japanese Lifelike Robotic Fish Of The Future Entertainment Industry

These autonomous robotic fish species have built in behavior to mimic real fish as how they swim around looking for food, though you don’t need to feed this fish robot because it’s a mechatronic device. Is it time to buy new aquarium fish? This time robot style?!

Robot Fish Toy

This Japanese robot fish toy moves its back fin while it swims around in your home aquarium. It's Nemo, right?! We found you!

Nemo the clown fish hits the stores. If you can’t swim in our Japanese coral reeves at Kyushu and Okinawa, just buy a Robo Fish.

Robotic Fish For Sale

Do you feel for buying a Robotic Fish from Japan? If so, check it out on Japanese version of Only 900 yen per fish.

What do you think? Is this another useless toy from a robotic research project or a small step towards a future of Ocean exploration?

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