Hello Kitty House In Aso Farm Village In Kumamoto Prefecture In Japan

Hello Kitty JapanKitty House At Aso Farm Village In Kumamoto

Japan is the country of Hello Kitty devotion. You can see Kitty everywhere in the Japanese society including when you go to a luxury spa up in the volcanic mountains of Aso located here on Kyushu island in West Japan.

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Hello Kitty As A God In Japan

Each district in Japan has its own customized Hello Kitty reflecting back on local specialties including food and what is available to do at those locations when visiting Japan.

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Japanese Public Service With Hello Kitty

All kinds of merchandise is using Hello Kitty for branding local Japanese products and services.

For example when you visit Japanese airports such as the robotized airport here in Kitakyushu, then you have the possibility to buy custom made Hello Kitty bags with a beautiful cartoon like map image of this island Kyushu.

Of course in the bag image multiple instances of the Hello Kitty figure presents you the Japanese sightseeing places worth visiting and experiencing with your own eyes, once you travel to Japan.

In case you are a dedicated fan of Hello Kitty then you probably want to visit a Hello Kitty shrine, where Kitty is treated like a god of its own. Yet another commercially intended contribution to the Japanese Shinto belief system of god family.

On the right you can see a photo of exactly that. Hello Kitty as a divine power of…cuteness?

The rope in the middle is pulled until a bell sound is heard. That way you call the spirits of, ehmm…Kitty. As you may have noticed most things are commercialized in Japan. Kitty to the max.

Customized Hello Kitty Bags As Japanese Souvenir Gifts

By the way, that customized Hello Kitty bag is clearly a popular gift to buy as souvenir to kids and whoever likes Hello Kitty (yes, there are some grown up individuals who like Kitty too). I bought a couple of such bags and sent as gifts to relatives and friends Europe.

Please notice that these bags are only for sale within Japan, so you can’t buy this edition abroad outside of Japan. Maybe something for collectors to take notice of or simply use it as an unique gift to someone overseas.

My picture above was taken by me last Winter during a trip to Aso farm land in Kumamoto prefecture here on Kyushu island. That day it was snowing a bit because of that place is located in the elevated central mountain region of Kyushu. The land of the volcanic fire mountains.

Japanese Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty Bus, Pink Bus, Cute Bus

Or take a little bus ride with an authentic Japanese Hello Kitty bus. Pink and all.

For those of you who don’t like Hello Kitty or in worst case can’t even stand the existence of the Sanrio character, you will have a tough time in Japan because Kitty is literally everywhere.

Personally I don’t have an interest in Hello Kitty, but it’s quite practically impossible to avoid seeing and noticing Hello Kitty branded stuff in Japan.

There are smaller Hello Kitty buses as well and ones that are painted with more details, like this bus in Tokyo that has local tourist destinations as paint motives on its side.

It doesn’t matter if you are in Tokyo or far out on the countryside in Kyushu. Hello Kitty will follow you (or haunt you in case you’re allergic to it) no matter where you go. Possibly the only way to not have anything to do with Kitty is to book a plane and leave Japan.

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Hello Kitty Rules Tokyo City As Well As Far Out Remote Countryside Districts In Japan

A Whole Universe With Hello Kitty At Harmony Land On Kyushu Island

There is a Hello Kitty land called Harmony Land here on Kyushu. Located in nearby Oita prefecture on the East coast of this local island called Kyushu in West Japan. It’s a whole world of Hello Kitty with an amusement park for children and families to enjoy. A perfect happy world where kids don’t need to worry about the more complicated world of grown ups.

The world that Sanrio has created includes fun joy rides and real life size moving mechatronic Hello Kitty characters. Here is a video showing one of the rides in Japan.

If that was not enough, then take a bird eye’s view of one of the areas of the outdoors playground through a kid style roller coaster.

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