Japan Tsunami February 2013

Japan is having a new Tsunami today on February 6th 2013. Yellow lines on the map are where waves are going to slam in.

Japan Tsunami – Incoming Tsunami Waves February 6th 2013

Tsunami Wall In Japan

Japanese tsunami wall made out of concrete protecting us from incoming tsunami waves.

We are getting incoming tsunami waves all over Japan right now.

Today is Wednesday the 6th of February 2013. This is live.

There was a massive 8.0 magnitude earthquake out in the Pacific Ocean causing a tsunami which now is approaching us here in Japan.

The wave height is not expected to be as tall this time as it was last time (March 11 2011), but people living close to beaches are aware of what’s coming.

If you are located close to the coast line, then it may be a good idea to take a hike uphill.

Luckily the coast line of Japan has tall tsunami barriers which hopefully will stop these right now incoming waves.

Let’s wait and see. It’s right now!

Tsunami advisory has been sent out to the following prefectures and zones here in Japan:

Japan tsunami, Tsunami escape route

Evacuate to higher grounds in Japan when tsunami waves arrive.

  • Eastern Part Of Pacific Coast Of Hokkaido
  • Central Part Of Pacific Coast Of Hokkaido
  • Pacific Coast Of Aomori Prefecture
  • Iwate Prefecture
  • Miyagi Prefecture
  • Fukushima Prefecture
  • Ibaraki Prefecture
  • Kujukuri And Sotobo Area, Chiba Prefecture
  • Uchibo Area, Chiba Prefecture
  • Izu Islands
  • Ogasawara Islands
  • Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Pacific Coast Of Aichi Prefecture
  • Southern Part Of Mie Prefecture
  • Wakayama Prefecture
  • Tokushima Prefecture
  • Kochi Prefecture
  • Miyazaki Prefecture
  • Eastern Part Of Kagoshima Prefecture
  • Tanegashima And Yakushima Area
  • Amami Islands And Tokara Islands
  • Okinawa Islands
  • Miyakojima And Yaeyama Area
Japanese Tsunami Waves

Pretty but deadly Japanese tsunami waves.

One important tsunami fact to know – especially as a foreigner who might not be used to the natural catastrophe situations of Japan is that a half meter tall tsunami wave is enough to flush you away.

Basically if the water level reaches above your knees, then you are lost!

That has been proven in Japanese tsunami simulation tunnels where water is being flushed at a high speed while a human person is trying to not loose balance or fall into the stream of water.

They tested different water heights and the conclusion was that humans can’t survive in 50 cm tall water tsunami wave fronts.

A half meter is enough to kill. As a person not that much used to tsunami phenomena until I moved to Japan – that fact made me think twice about visiting the Japanese sand beaches in times of earthquakes.

Here below is a video documentary about the last tsunami we had in Japan and the human survivors who are alive to tell the story.

It is only 2 years ago since we had that big earthquake and series of tsunami waves, but I still remember it as if it was yesterday.

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