Japanese Beach In Okinawa

Japanese Beach In Okinawa (South-West Japan)

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to simply take the escalators down to a nearby beach with a subtropical coral reef and all? In Japan you can. To be more precise, in the Okinawa island group in South West Japan you can do exactly that.

My photo above shows how it looks like when you stand at the top of the cliff edge and watch the warm water of the Ocean below.

Types Of Japanese Beaches – Anything From Coral Reefs To Volcanic Ash

There are many types of beaches in Japan, but the most crystal clear waters with the most colorful sea life is to be found in the most West side of Japan, meaning the islands of year around warm Okinawa.

Exactly the day when I took this picture with my digital camera the typhoon from the previous day was on its way to leave Okinawa. Therefore the sky looks as it does. At the same time there was yellow sand from China blowing in over us.

To visit a beach in the warm part of Japan, such as Okinawa means that you are going to walk not only on fine powder like sand, but also billions of small tiny corals.

The corals remind of small snow flakes and you can find them in the nearby tourist shops too where they sell you coral reef sand in tiny bottles as memory of your stay in their subtropical paradise.

Here is a little video showing how Japanese beaches look like. In case you’re from a cold country (like myself) then you will enjoy it!

Subtropical Fish Species In Clear Japanese Ocean Water

You can see all kinds of colorful fish species swimming around in the clear water, but you should be aware of what kind of beach you are visiting. Some beaches do not have protective jellyfish nets and you should avoid swimming at such locations because it can cost you your life.

There are plenty of deadly poisonous sea snakes as well as the deadly poisonous Habu snakes on land. Also add the toxic sea snail to the collection of wild species you should avoid as a visitor.

The tourist hotels have well written information about what you should avoid. It also describes what to do in a worst case scenario if you get bitten, stung or whatever the case may be.

If possible adjust your vacation route to the recommended safe beaches and tourist destinations of Okinawa.

I had lots of fun in Okinawa and nothing bad or dangerous happened except for the unexpected typhoon that parked on Okinawa the exact same morning as I arrived. As a vacation tip, avoid going to Okinawa during typhoon season which normally is at the end of Summer to beginning of Autumn.

There are lots of beaches to choose from so you don’t need to worry to run out of space. The waves are great for surfing and there are everything from surfing boards to suitable clothes to both rent and buy.

If you are from a cold climate country like myself, then you will love Okinawa and its warm relaxing vacation mood laid back atmosphere. They call Okinawa the Japanese version of Hawaii. Please visit if you have a chance. I can’t wait to get back there again! I miss it.

If you visit Kyushu island in West Japan, then it’s only a short distance more by plane to Okinawa. There are plenty of flights from Fukuoka airport as well as from other destinations all over Japan that bring you to the beaches and to the dense jungle of Okinawa.

Here are some more ideas what to do in Okinawa while you go on beach vacation in Japan. You can watch the video below:

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