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USA In West Japan On Kyushu Island

Central USA is not just a part of America, but there is also an USA in Japan. How? Basically it is simple.

There is a town here on Kyushu island in South-West side of Japan called Usa, or USA written in all capital letters as it is called in a more popular way. Especially by tourists.

I myself was surprised that such a place exists in Japan, but yes…it is here. I took a photo of it one day during a car trip to Central USA.

So, How Do You Get To USA In Japan?

It is easy to get to the city of USA. First of all you need to be on Kyushu island in West Japan. Normally people enter Kyushu through its North-East side which has a connection to Honshu, the largest main island in Japan.

By starting out in Fukuoka prefecture you continue driving down along the East side of Kyushu and follow the car route through Kitakyushu which in Japanese language means North Kyushu. You will pass several waterfall areas with beautiful nature.

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Natural Waterfalls And Waterslides Are Popular Tourist Attractions In Oita Prefecture On Kyushu Island In West Japan

Continue driving South until you reach to Oita prefecture below Fukuoka prefecture. There you will find road signs to USA.

Actually you are going to drive through this exact same traditional looking gate which is simply a traffic sign showing you the way to the ancient famous USA shrine, as well as where to continue driving in case you would like to visit the nine steaming hot Hells in Beppu.

Yes, you read correct. Hell is in Japan! Not far from USA. You can reach to Oita city as well, just like the sign shows in my top picture.

Drive Past The Statue Of Liberty In USA On Kyushu Island

What would USA be without its Statue of Liberty? Therefore the town or city of USA in Japan also has a clone of the American Statue of Liberty. You can see it on the right side of the car road in case you come driving from the North and continue your journey towards the South side of Kyushu island in West Japan.

So, the Western world is represented in West side of Japan. I tried out a few Western food dishes here as well. There are roadside restaurants offering warm food to hungry travelers. Visit Japan and make a trip to USA at the same time! It’s possible here on Kyushu.

In case you have never visited Oita prefecture in Japan, then here is a short video that shows some examples of what you can see.

Personally I’d recommend to experience the glowing bamboo lanterns at night. If you have never seen thousands of them glow along mountain trails in the dark, then you’ve missed a perfectly magic moment in time! It can’t be described in words. Has to be seen!

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